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garden angelSandra is 100% pure love. She taps into Source and provides high vibrational energy to everything she touches. I always feel loved, rejuvenated, & supported with her healing sessions. I highly recommend Sandra; honor yourself & experience her work.

~ Tracey B., Intuitive Healer, Longmont, CO

I’ve been giving & receiving various types of energy healing for nearly 30 years & I have found Sandra’s work to be of the highest order & integrity. She is able to tap into extremely powerful forces, which not only facilitate physical healing, but supports the individual’s highest spiritual aspects and aspirations. Her work can certainly “take one to the next level and beyond,” so to speak. I highly recommend it to those ready for powerful healing & accelerated expansion.

~ Lonnie N., Author, Musician, Healer, Crestone, CO

I have a background in the hard sciences as well as various healing modalities, such as Reiki. The healing sessions I have experienced with Sandra have been truly amazing. LaHoChi is a powerful healing method that people can benefit greatly from in many ways.

~ Kat W, Santa Fe, NM

Sandra gave me weekly treatments when I was recovering from breast cancer surgery 9 years ago. I feel her work greatly accelerated the healing process and assisted in keeping me cancer free since then.

~ Melinda E., Intuitive Reader, Santa Fe, NM

It is without question that Sandra possesses "Love and gifts from Beyond." I was humbled and safe in the presence of her gentle heart. When I allow myself to surrender to the divine in the hands of another there is no question of the connection and the flow of their pure source energy. I feel so very blessed that the angels and ascended masters put Sandra in my path. It is simple her gift is love, and I thank her for pouring it into my heart. Sandra is no doubt one who has incarnated into this three-dimensional world to be of service to humanity during this time of worldly change. The Heart Center of the Divine dwells within her frequency. I can honestly say, “Sandra is one within the Trinity of Love, Peace & Harmony.”

~ Kathleen B., Author, Santa Fe, NM

Sandra's loving, gentle but powerful energy healing has assisted me numerous times over the years. The quality of her work is some of the most profound I have experienced. I recommend her highly and without hesitation.

~ Margaretta M.,
Founder of Bridge Between the Worlds Healing Retreat Center, Keswick, VA

Working with Sandra has facilitated amazing physical healing, and emotional & spiritual realignments for me. She has been my ‘healer of choice’ since 2007.

~ Jandi N., LMT, Energy Healer & Intuitive, Crestone, CO

photo of forest mushroomsIn 1997 I met Sandra Akers in a humble garden in Mt. Shasta, a garden dedicated to Holy Mother Mary. We have traveled--together, a long, interesting, wonderful road ever since. Sandra is a strong, committed servant of the Light. She is solid in her spiritual discipline. Her grasp of spiritual principles, her intuition, her dedication to Love are exemplary. Therefore, Sandra has substantial goodness to offer as a healing facilitator and teacher. She is a woman of substance.

~ Barbara W., Teacher & Intuitive,
Beach Haven, NJ

I have known Sandra Akers for twelve years as a friend and a healing facilitator and I am very grateful for her sincerity and genuineness. She is truly a gifted healer and very passionate about her work . She has the capacity to bring from the higher realms that which is needed at the moment. I've had many healing sessions with many different facilitators over the years but my last session with Sandra, when she added the Ama Deus healing, was one of the deepest and most profound that I've ever experienced.

~ Hara W., Phoenix, AZ

I’ve known Sandra for 15 years as a friend, teacher, and healer, and I’m honored to have her in my life. No matter what she does, she is totally heart centered and an incredible light to all. I have been blessed to host Sandra’s workshops. The information she presents is like no other. I always receive wonderful input from the students as to how the workshop affected their lives for a long time afterwards. She gives tools for life changes and incredible personal healing. Her sessions and workshops are a gift everyone should experience.

~ Katy O., CranioSacral Therapist, Dublin, VA

I have been an acupuncturist and medical intuitive for 17 years. It is a treat to find someone who works so closely with the Ascended Masters, and can work on many levels. I don’t totally understand LaHoChi, but when I leave Sandra’s office, I have had a multi-dimensional healing experience.

~ Cheyenne M., Medical Intuitive, Crestone, CO

Regarding the LaHoChi class, it was a magical and life changing weekend. The energy is soft and pure, and I love using it with my clients.

~ Kathleen E, Reiki Master, Burnsville, NC

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