Energy Healings, Spiritual Mentoring, Attunements, and Workshops
Graceful Hearts Energy Healings, Spiritual Mentoring, Attunements, and Workshops
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The personal sessions I offer are a synthesis of my studies of Ascended Master teachings, various books and classes, and a combination of Ama Deus, 13th Octave LaHoChi™, Angel Light, Matrix Energetics™ & Tong Ren healing modalities. The sacred color rays, crystal therapy, and the sound vibrations of voice toning, tuning forks and/or crystal and Tibetan bowls are also integrated into a treatment. I serve as a healing facilitator and my intention is to be an 'open door' for the higher frequencies to flow through me to the recipient. I have named my work 'Graceful Hearts' because grace is the highest vibration of love, and all healing is centered in the heart. Love is the force that reveals, nurtures and fulfills.

Healing sessions are unique for each individual, and will assist in accelerating physical healing, clearing blockages, balancing the etheric energy fields, expanding awareness, releasing emotional issues, and reducing stress. Individuals commonly experience deep relaxation, a sense of well-being, greater self-awareness and feelings of love and nurturing.

Individual sessions are available by appointment and may be done remotely. Fees are based on a sliding scale. Click on Comments to read what others have shared about their experiences.

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