Energy Healings, Spiritual Mentoring, Attunements, and Workshops
Graceful Hearts Energy Healings, Spiritual Mentoring, Attunements, and Workshops
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About Sandra

sandra akersMy appreciation for diverse spiritual traditions began with a world religions class in college; my serious quest for spiritual awareness began after my divorce in the early 1980s. Since then my life has been blessed with many teachers, healers, travels to sacred places and life experiences, which I have synthesized into Graceful Hearts, offering energy healings, spiritual mentoring, attunements, and workshops.

I am a Certified LaHoChi, Ama Deus, and Tong Ren Practitioner, Certified 13th Octave™ and 13th Octave LaHoChi™ Facilitator, and an Ordained Minister. I completed my initial LaHoChi Certification in 1998, and this was expanded after finishing 13th Octave™ Facilitator training in 2004. I have also completed level 1, level 2, and ‘Whizard’ training of Matrix Energetics™. My purpose is to assist in bringing balance and love to others through healing and teaching, and it is my joy and my passion to share the gifts of my journey with others.

Maintaining love, peace, and harmony is critical as we move through accelerated personal and planetary changes. Resources that speak deeply to me come from The Radiant Rose Academy, and I am hosting group gatherings to share these important and timely teachings from Akasha and Asun. More information about the gatherings is available here.

Blessings to all!

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